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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Financial questions.
Questions concerning trading terms.
Partnership program questions.
General Questions.

Financial questions.

What methods of replenishment are available in InstaForex?
You can replenish your account by means of WebMoney, CONTACT, RBKMoney, MoneyBookers, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and wire transfer. Withdrawal is possible by means of the same method which you used when replenished your account.

Does company charge any commission for replenishment or withdrawal?
The company doesn´t charge any commission, however, you should take into consideration that payment system itself takes commission as well as bank takes commission for wire transfer.

How much time does it take to replenish trading account?
The replenishment via Webmoney, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and RBKMoney is processed immediately, via CONTACT, MoneyBookers and credit cards - up to 24 hours. Replenishment by means of wire transfer takes 2-4 days.

How much time does it take to withdraw funds from the trading account?
Withdrawal via Webmoney, Liberty Reserve and other payment systems takes 1-3 hours. Withdrawal by means of wire transfer takes 2-4 days.

What is the minimum sum of withdrawal?
There are no limits for withdrawing. You can withdraw any balance from your account.

What is the minimum sum for deposit?
Minimum sum for deposit via electronic payment system is 1 USD, via credit card is 50 USD, via wire transfer is 300 USD.

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Questions concerning trading terms.

What is an InstaForex lot equal to? Is it different from generally accepted lot?
An InstaForex lot equals 10000 units of basic currency, which is 10 times smaller than a generally accepted lot. This means that when trading on the money market, our clients decrease their risks by 10.

What are the trading server IPs?
ITC-Demo: – for demo-accounts
ITC-Live: – for live accounts

What does leverage mean?
Leverage – is the ratio of the amount used in a transaction relative to the required security deposit: 1:100, 1:200, 1:500. A leverage of 1:100 means that you need 1 to the broker's 100 in order to make a deal.

What kind of leverage is supported by InstaForex and how do I change leverage?
When opening an account, you can choose any leverage from 1:1 to 1:500. Later on to change the account leverage, you will have to contact the Client Support Department via email or any other convenient way.

Why can’t I see all of the symbols on the market report?
The symbols you see are associated with your terminal subscription. In order to extend the quotation list please right click on the market report item and select “Show all symbols.”

Is it possible to increase spreads while news events are taking place?
Instaforex never increases spreads during news events. Each trader can be confident that trading terms will remain steady, even during news events.

May I turn to advisors? Are there any restrictions?
There are no restrictions in advisor usage.

Is it possible for a trader to owe the company money?
No, this is impossible. If a trader’s account goes in the red while trading, the Company will restore it to 0.

Is there any difference between demo and real live trading?
There are no differences in terms of conditions and trading tool specifications. Trading with demo-accounts is identical to trading with live-accounts, except that for demo-accounts, no deposit or withdrawal options exist.

What is the minimum deposit?
The minimum deposit is 1USD and this gives you the opportunity to make a deal with any tool.

Why do EUR/GBP, EUR/CHF currency pairs have floating spread?
Floating spread is generally accepted trading instrument, which is used by the first-rate international broker. EUR/GBP and EUR/CHF are the only currency pairs which have floating spread. It means that from 19:00 GMT+00 till 08:00 GMT+00 spread can be increased up to 5 pips every day. Spread is a fee of broker for transaction, and it is defined by the market conditions which the company works in. In connection with increasing spreads of our contractors spread of the currency pairs EUR/GBP and EUR/CH were transferred to the floating condition. However during the daytime (after 08:00 GMT+00) spread for this currency pairs are the same, 3 pips.

How to calculate the amount of margin?
The amount of margin is equal to the volume divided by the leverage. The volume is equal to 10000 in USD multiplied by the amount of lots, enabled in deal, and by the rate of exchange of the currency used in deal to the USD, which divided by the leverage. Currency of deal is currency which symbol stands first in currency pair designation. For example, for currency pair EUR/USD the currency of deal is EUR (thereafter rate of exchange of deal to US Dollar will be EURUSD), for USDCAD - is CAD (rate of exchange of the deal to US Dollar will be equal to 1, because USD/USD=1), for GBPJPY currency of deal is GBP (rate of exchange of the deal to US Dollar will be equal to rate of exchange of GBP/USD, id est. equal to rate of exchange of GBPUSD). So under the rate of exchange which is equal to GBPUSD 1.4956 for the deal with 2 lots with the leverage 1:100 the margin will be 10000 * 2 * GBPUSD/100=299.12 USD. For the deal with USDJPY with 3.4 lots with the leverage 1:500 the margin will be equal 10000 * 3.5 * 1/500=70 USD.

Give me please the link for the Welcome Bonus receipt.
This is the link for Agreement on the Welcome bonus receipt
This is the link for the application of the Welcome bonus receipt

Do you have micro and mini accounts?
Yes, we have. However trading in InstaForex is made with micro and mini lots, id est. you can trade with 0.01 lot in InstaForex which is equal to micro account.

How can I change my leverage?
For changing your leverage you should send an e-mail to or with the following information: trading account number, phone password and leverage you want to have. Also you can contact Support department for leverage changing by Live Chat, Yahoo, Skype, ICQ and write the same date.

I forgot traders password or PIN code (or I want to change my traders password or PIN code). How can I do it?
For PIN code or traders password recovery/changing it is necessary to send an e-mail to or with the following information: trading account number, phone password and new traders password. Also you can contact Support department by Live Chat, Yahoo, ICQ, Skype for traders password recovery and write the same data. For PIN code hanging it is necessary to send an e-mail to or the following information: trading account number, phone password, scan of your ID, and new PIN code. Make sure you send an e-mail from the e-mail address you entered while registration the trading account number.

May I open several trading accounts in one name?
Yes, you may. There is no limits for opening real and demo accounts in one name.

I can trade maximum 8 lots in InstaForex?
No, you can type manually any amount of lots (till 10000).

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Partnership program questions.

What’s my reward for becoming a partner?
You get 1.5 pips per deal. This is standard practice all over the world.

How can I attract customers?
You can attract customers by sending them a partnership link. When they click on the partnership link, they will be counted as your referrals. You can also spread information amongst your friends. They will be considered your referrals as well, but you must record their names and account numbers and send them to

Are there any restrictions for withdrawing the partnership commission fee?
No, there are no restrictions.

Are there any requirements for participating in the partnership program?
There are no specific requirements. You can attract customers simply by spreading information among friends, as well as working as an InstaForex business representative in your region.

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General Questions.

How much will I earn if I start trading on FOREX with a minimum deposit?
It totally depends on your experience. Currency market trading is bound to deposit loss risks. And that needs to be considered by the trader. You are to evaluate your professionalism and risks. InstaForex trading terms have been created in order to make it simple to go from being a new trader to being an experienced one.

What do support and resistance levels mean?
A Support level - is a level lower than the current rate, which could possibly take an upward turn. A Resistance level is a level above the current rate, which could possibly take a downward turn.

What is a trailing stop-loss?
This is a compound stop-loss order where a stop-loss price is set at a fixed rate below the market price. If the market price goes up, the stop loss price will also go up proportionally. If the market price goes down, the stop-loss price stays the same. In this way, the trader can set a limit on the maximum possible loss but not limit earnings. This means, that the trailing stop-loss follows the current price by X pips. Therefore a trailing stop-loss is a stop-loss control procedure — “it follows the price to profit.” Attention! Trailing stop-losses only work when your trading terminal is connected to the server through the Internet.

What do profit figure or price figure movement mean?
Profit figure is 100 profit pips. Price figure movement is the movement of 100 pips. Round prices are referred to as figures as well. For example: “EURUSD passes over to the seventeenth figure” means that the rate passed over the level of 1.1700.

What is the stock exchange working hours?
Stock exchange opens on Sunday at 23:00 (GMT+00) and closes on Friday at 23:00 (GMT+00)

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